Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Ki kim

It has been a real pleasure working with Joe. He is very professional to work with, pleasant to communicate with, and incredibly responsive to my needs. Thank you again!! Definitely come back to you! All the very best,

By: Sahar

He can beat a dead horse ! Joe did a fantastic job on my deal, He is an excellent negotiator, very professional and knowledgeable. He knows exactly what’s going on in the market and has a analytical mindset, you’ll get what you all need to know before make decisions. I would definitely recommend him, Don’t miss his valuable advises!

By: J & L

We knew we wanted to be invested in Toronto’s rental housing market, but where? It can be tough seeing the market advance while comparing endless options. Joe cut through the noise and focused us in on only those opportunities which truly worked as investments within our budget, and set us up to part of Toronto’s future. Joe and the team of professionals he works with handled every phase of the process confidently, even in the darkest days of the lockdown, always keeping us well informed, and giving us confidence that we had made a good choice. Joe’s razor sharp in his knowledge of the market and the economy that fuels it, and that’s the kind of seasoned advice we were looking for in a Realtor, and we’re glad he’s on our side now.

By: Alex

I worked as a listing agent for a condo that Joe had a buyer for. He was extremely professional and great to work with. He got me an offer quickly and ensured all conditions were taken care of. I look forward to hopefully doing another transaction with him in the future.

By: Lynn K

Joe is amazing!!! He helped my husband and I with our assignment sale for one of our properties. I honestly can't believe how fast it happened as I know these types of deals are not easy to close! I couldn't be more happier. Joe has an immense amount of knowledge but most of all you can feel his passion for what he is doing. Truly remarkable! He cares about giving the best he can for his clients. Thanks Joe!!! We can't thank you enough and look forward to doing more deals in the future!!! CHEERS!

By: Gloria C.

Joe is an amazing sales associate His caring and thoughtfulness is not seen in many associates. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy sell or rent property.

By: Alok K.

Working with Joe was a great experience! He is very knowledgeable about his craft and guided us very well on our real estate journey. I look forward to working with him again in the future, and I would highly recommend him to anyone!

By: Gaby O

It is amazing to meet a family man like Joe who immediately understood our needs as we were looking for our first investment property. Joe is a confident negotiator and a wealth of knowledge on the Toronto real estate market. Joe never wasted our time; he would always speak to us directly and transparently. He guided us through the process so quickly and effectively that we had our offer accepted under asking price exactly 1 week after meeting Joe! Joe will always make you feel like you are his priority. He always has the time to answer questions and make you feel informed and at ease. He knew exactly how we wanted to position ourselves to build wealth as a family unit and provide financial security on a multi-generational level. I would confidently refer Joe to any of my friends or family members. Looking forward to a long term working relationship!

By: Catty Vega

I discovered Joe while in search of a listing agent for my assignment sale. Joe had the most listings in the condo and to me that was an indication he was probably quite knowledgeable in the neighborhood/development and reaching potential buyers. A great connection was made! Joe was extremely savvy and helpful in all aspects of the assignment sale. I am now a regular client and recently purchased another new pre-construction unit with Joe's guidance. When the time comes to sell my home, I will 100% go with Joe and his team of professionals. A personable guy, with good communication and an excellent understanding of the Toronto Market made my sale & purchase experiences with Joe smooth sailing! Thanks again Joe!

By: Lara Y

I first met Joe almost two years before deciding to sell my condo. Joe has that special sweet spot in a salesman, that I think is rare and someone you for sure want on your side. He is a salesman with a heart, you can say. He taught me a few things about real estate as it was my first home and entry into the market. He always took the time a long the way to figure out where I was at and honestly help me look at my options. I think a realtor is not about completing a transaction, but about knowing who he/she is working with to accomplish a goal and of course négociation. I always felt confident, even when I brought any concerns forward to Joe, that he would understand my perspective. I would definitely recommend Joe to anyone and I really appreciate the work he does. Thank you.

By: Luis Sandi

I met Joe through a long time friend who is passionate about real state investments. Since my trade is connected to the construction business I have always dealt with different real estate agents from different companies. To me , they were all the same....sales people like any other. However, after meeting Joe in person I experienced something different...business positivity and energy. So much to say, as a first time buyer who was always skeptical to make a move, Joe has been the encouragement to make a change. He has the knowledge, experience and team to fullfill all your expectations. Try him...soon you will be typing a testimonial like I am doing now.

By: M & F B

Joe is an experienced agent who gave us confidence buying and selling an investment property. He also made sure we received the best offer for our main family home and was able to come in under list when we purchased our next home. He’s a tough negotiator. You definitely want him on your side! He won’t leave money on the table!

By: David AM

I was referred to Joe through my friend and stock broker whom he has clients with saying that he is the person to speak with regarding investments properties. After my wife and I had a meeting and Joe where he described his strategy, I was confident that we had an agent that was on the ball. We went just to get information and I ended up purchasing 2 properties that same day.

By: Leah Hollinsworth

After being in my home for over 16 years it was an emotional decision to sell. Joe had successfully handled the sale of both my brothers house, as well as my brothers wife's condo just last year so it was an obvious choice to have Joe come and talk to us about being the agent for my sale. We had already met with another agent but we were unsure of the fit. After meeting with Joe and hearing about how he works and his strategy to get us the most money possible for the house, both myself and my co-owner were confident that Joe was our guy. Joe handled every detail with professionalism and humour. He answered our many questions and helped us through the whole process with kindness. In the end we got far above asking in a multiple bid scenario. I can not recommend him highly enough. He is knowledgeable about the state of the market, current trends and the best way to position each sale. He is a total pro and also, at our request, helped connect us with other high level professionals (cleaners, inspectors, etc) to help make the whole process as painless and seamless as possible. He really is a level above in so many areas. If you are looking to buy or sell you should definitely consider having Joe in your corner. You wont regret it. Warm regards, Leah Hollinsworth

By: Kevin

I’m very happy we decided to use Joe as our agent to sell our house. I may have been a little skeptical at first but it wasn’t long before I was confident that we had made the right decision, he is a true professional and passionate about his work. He was with us every step of the way, answering all our questions forthrightly, providing updates on every last detail, and providing a calming influence during an otherwise stressful time. Joe did everything he said he would and when it came down to the final negotiations, he does not leave money on the table. I would definitely work with Joe again.

By: Ramez H

It's extremely difficult to summarize my experience with Joe and his team into few words. There are thousands of Brokers/Realtors in this line of business who do the same thing however, what sets Joe apart is his integrity and focus on relationships. In this line sometimes it's all about closing the deal and moving on to the next commission, not with Joe; his main focus on building rapport and taking the time to understand the client's needs whether for buying a house or investing opportunities, etc. He ensures that he is there with his client throughout the process providing advise, support, tools and a one-stop shop with legal, financing, other network of professionals whose primary focus is the client and providing outstanding experience. If you have any real estate transactions, buying, selling, investing, etc. you should first reach out to Joe

By: Rü Griffin

I was referred to Joe and I have to admit I was extremely sceptical at first. His bold personality was a little overwhelming at first I soon realized that is what was missing in my previous Real Estate Agent. I hired him immediately, his direct approach and professionalism served me well. He fought to get my home sold in record time and negotiated the terms with great finesse. I will continue to refer Joe as he is a rare find in Real Estate Agent. High respect ? Richmond Hill

By: Mike & Christine

I’m not quite sure where to begin the story of my real estate experience but it has a very happy ending. My wife and I owned two properties in Toronto (A house downtown and a condo uptown) and were planning to sell both and relocate out west. We thought that based on the craziness of the market that we would do well and sell fast … Our house listing went up one day prior to the new buyer rules in 2017 and although we had a few viewings the market ultimately turned cold resulting in us pulling the listing and delaying our departure. We decided to hold on to the property and attempt to relist in the spring basing this off evidence of how Vancouver bounced back post similar regulations being introduced. When planning to re list, we spoke to numerous agents regarding what they would do and their strategies to sell. I had met Joe through motorcycling a few years back and followed his social media where he seemed to know what he was talking about when it came to the markets and what was happening. We gave him the opportunity to pitch us and we’ve never looked back. Joe is an amazing negotiator but also understand the trends and what is happening in the different areas of the city. Joe did what he said he would and was able to sell our house in one day and for over asking price. Through this he earned our trust and our second listing of the condo uptown. He had a slightly different approach with this sale but after executing the plan, we sold on the offer date set out and again for over asking price. In the past I’d be the sceptic and would’ve leaned towards the attitude of “what do they really do?” when it came to real estate agents. I could not have been more wrong when it comes to what Joe does. He is a highly skilled professional who not only has a passion for his business but also a desire to better himself and his ability to serve his clients. We can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for us and will miss him as we start the next chapter of our lives out west. Thank you, Joe, and RLP Signature. Mike H.

By: By: Iris

I was referred to Joe by my grand daughter as she had done some previous business with Joe a couple of years ago and was completely satisfied with her purchase. Because of her purchase my grand daughter told me he was the realtor for me. Joe is very professional, genuine and very knowledgeable about the market. With living out of town I needed a quick sale so most of the communication was done through the computer or telephone. Joe kept in touch with me consistently on every action he took reassuring me not to worry he had every thing under control and he sure did. The home was sold within the week due to the hard work of this amazing man . Thank you Joe I will spread the word.

By: Kimberly on behalf of Andrew & Annette

They always say do not make the listing agent your agent as the buyer. However, when my parents walked into Joe's open house and loved it, Joe's professionalism and genuineness made them do just that. Joe brings a new level to the term real estate broker. He knows his craft and works with a team of professionals to make the process stress free. He supported my parents through the buy and sell of their own property during what was a stressful time. The market was not the same as it has been but he understood this and sold their house in 8 days while half a dozen other units stayed listed for weeks before and after theirs sold. Joe cared about my parents and walked with us all, I am grateful and highly recommend him to others.

By: Mary O.

I will highly recommend Joe Ghobrial without any hesitation. I found Joe to be very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all my concerns and questions and also returned my phone calls promptly. Joe was my realtor for the purchase of my condo and also sale of my house in North York and I was very satisfied and impressed with his work ethics.

By: Deepak Jetha

I can not say enough about my realtor Joe Ghobrial!! The market is slowing they said. It will not sell they said. You will never get your price they said. Wrong time to sell they said. MY REALTOR proved them ALL wrong!! This is a bitter sweet moment! As much as I am very happy with what Joe has done, I just wished I had more properties to hand over to Joe. He takes care of everything and will not rest until the goal is achieved. He is not a part time realtor that have seemed to have flooded the market. He is a true professional and worth every penny and more. A broker that works very hard for his clients. I have found my lifelong realtor!! If anyone is looking to buy and sell, do yourself a favour and contact Joe. Don't sell yourself short and try to find a person that will drop a point or so on commission cause they will probably not get you the right value. Hip Hip hooray for Joe!!

By: Soheil.F

We met Joe accidentally after months of looking for our first home. With Joe's assistance we were able to finally purchase what we were looking for. Since we were first time home buyers we had so many questions. Joe was always there to help us with any concerns that we had and tried his best to make the process less stressful.Joe cares about his clients and we are happy with his professional service.

By: Soheil.F

We met Joe accidentally after months of looking for our first home. With Joe's assistance we were able to finally purchase what we were looking for. Since we were first time home buyers we had so many questions. Joe was always there to help us with any concerns that we had and tried his best to make the process less stressful.Joe cares about his clients and we are happy with his professional service.

By: Sal M

Joe is a hard working professional who is very good at what he does. i had a positive experience working with him and will be recommending him to friends and family. He will get you top dollar for your property. 5* rating. Thank you Joe.

By: Kathryn

Joe is honest, hard working and passionate about what he does. Not only was he able to sell my home out in the country in just a weeks time, where the market generally takes 30 plus days to sell, but also he was able to secure a home for my son and I in an extremely aggressive city market by applying his unbelievable negotiating skills, and also utilizing his impressive network to ensure my son and I got the best possible property for us. He made a stressful experience, stress free. Joe followed up with me On a regular basis to see how I was doing well after we sold my property and purchased a new one. He is the only agent I've ever had who truly cares for his clients on this level. In addition to everything, he is very knowledgable not only in buying and selling, and different markets, but also has some great ideas on how to better invest to maximize on your equity, any suggestions he made to me I could see were strictly because he wanted to ensure my son and I were going to be ok long after his business with us was over, because of his passion for seeing his customers happy and benefiting from making the right choices. Working with Joe was an absolute pleasure, and I definitely found my agent for life.

By: Phil Hall

My mothers was looking to sell her home and her wonderful neighbours Jean M and Allison M had told my mother about a salesman who knocked on there door last year. My mother met with Joe and was instantly taken with Joe's professionalism and his ability to make her feel at ease with the entire process of selling and moving. I was at first very skeptical, thinking that all salesman were the same and only wanted the "sale". I could not have been more wrong. Joe is awesome, not only did he provide me with a guide to how the whole process works but he made me very comfortable knowing that he would do everything to take care of my mothers needs in moving and looking for a new home for her. Joe enlisted a colleague to find listings for my mom to look at and even told her that she did not have to do a thing in regards to moving as he could provide people to pack and move her belongings to the new place. That put my mind at ease. Joe was able to get the highest price ever for a home in my moms condominium townhouse! Joe was great at follow up during the entire sale process and looked after every detail. In closing, all I can say is let this man list and sell your home. Joe is amazing. The experience I had with Joe and his team has been so great that I have recommended him to relatives and friends who may be interested in selling their homes!!! It does not get any better than that! Wait, it actually does. I have so much faith in Joe that he will be selling my home this year after my new place gets built. Well done Joe, very well done. In Joe you have made a friend for life!!! Thanks Joe

By: Lauren and Corey A.

We were introduced to Joe by a friend when we were looking to move. When we spoke to Joe about our budget and must-haves he was very straightforward and honest about what we could expect! We really liked that. He called two days later with two units for us to look at and he found us the perfect one that checked all of the boxes and was still in our budget. Two days later we were signing the papers and handing over a cheque!! Everything Joe said he would do, he did. Joe is the only realtor we will work with from now and we will definitely be recommending him to our friends.

By: Jean M. and Alison M.

Joe knocked on our door one day saying that he was the agent for the buyer of a unit in our complex. We invited him in to see our layout as we were hoping to move in the near future. When the time to move arrived we signed on with him. Once we went the way of MLS we sold within a week. We took his advice as we proceeded and appreciated his encouragement along the way. If we are an example, Joe certainly goes above and beyond for the benefit of his clients. He is quite a salesman - exactly what you want when you are selling. We are very happy that Joe knocked on our door!!!!

By: L. L.

I had been hesitant about moving again because of the stress involved in the purchase of my first property until I met Joe who was a godsend. In a fast-paced market, Joe is very knowledgeable and his experience in the field shines through and you realise very quickly you are in good hands. The selling process was easy because I trusted Joe's expertise and advice and we sold the same day we listed the property. Joe also found me a property that is my dream home which is also investment which has gone up in value in the short time I have owned it. I highly recommend Joe to everyone as he has won my confidence and trust while navigating through the crazy waters of the Toronto real estate market. Not all agents are created equal and you quickly realise that Joe is the cream of the crop while watching him work. I wish I had met Joe years earlier and made the move to my dream home sooner as he took all the stress and every worry I had away and made the entire transactions smooth sailing. Thank you so much Joe! You have a customer for life in me!

By: VT and JM

My finance and I were looking for a pre construction condo and Joe showed a building that we immediately feel in love with. Joe is a great realtor who is very efficient and knowledgeable. He is very professional and kept me up to date with everything I needed to know. When I had questions Joe would always answer his phone and provide answers to my hundreds of questions.

By: CZ & FZ

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Joe this last Spring. His knowledge, advise, professionalism kindness and understanding of what we were feeling throughout the whole process was unbelievable. . He did his research completely before presenting any options to us. He spent countless hours going through listings, options, and positives and negatives of different possible scenarios. He was there for every step of the way, and always answered our panicked calls no matter what time of day or night. Joe was a calming, comforting presence when things seemed impossible, and he always found a perfect solution to every imagined obstacle. Working with Joe, you will end up finding a realtor, a financial adviser, a therapist and a new member of your family.

By: V.L.

I wasn't keen on moving to the city or giving up my dream home nor was I new to the real estate market, but a crazy commute necessitated a move closer to work. Joe Ghobrial presented me with a variety of options and was extremely patient with me given the variety of stressors in my life during my condo search. He assisted my in every aspect of the purchase and the rental of my previous home. He even ensured I had 'one stop shopping' for the ancillary aspects of the purchase like mortgage brokers, lawyers and accountants, Joe is attentive, compassionate, knowledgeable and his affable nature made him a delight to work with. He got me from my dream house (now an investment property) to my dream condo-my new home!! Thanks Joe:)

By: V.L.

I wasn't keen on moving to the city or giving up my dream home nor was I new to the real estate market, but a crazy commute necessitated a move closer to work. Joe Ghobrial presented me with a variety of options and was extremely patient with me given the variety of stressors in my life during my condo search. He assisted my in every aspect of the purchase and the rental of my previous home. He even ensured I had 'one stop shopping' for the ancillary aspects of the purchase like mortgage brokers, lawyers and accountants, Joe is attentive, compassionate, knowledgeable and his affable nature made him a delight to work with. He got me from my dream house (now an investment property) to my dream condo-my new home!! Thanks Joe:)

By: BY: CN & FN

Thanks Joe for your guidance and direction in the purchase of our first investment property and keeping our best interest at heart. Back in July my husband and I had the privilege of working with Joe in purchasing our first investment property. We were a nervous wreck but with his knowledge and comfort we took the leap and purchased our first condo at the Shops (Rodeo). The experience for us was somewhat overwhelming but Joe reassured us that we were making the right decision and that with time the condo would pay off. His confidence, assurances and more importantly, his knowledge put us at ease and we took the plunge. Today, we are so grateful that we made that decision but it would not have been possible without the guidance of our wonderful Agent, Joe Ghobrial. Thanks Joe!

By: F.R.N.

After 2 months of intense search to lease an apartment in downtown Toronto, and after working with 2 real estate agents and after 3 trips to Toronto, I was in despair to find something for my daughter, a UofT student. The problem was that the agents couldn't reach a deal with the other brokers or condo owners. 5 days ago, I got Joe's card from a security guard in a well known building in downtown Toronto. "He's the best! He will help you", the guy told me. I called Joe right away. 24 hrs later I got my apartment in a brand new building. I met Joe at 10 in the morning, at noon we put an offer and at 6:30pm I got a text from him "Congratulations:)" He got me an apartment in one day. Amazing guy! He worked so hard and was so eager to make all the leasing procedures easier for me. He's a very bright professional real estate agent. He knows very well how the business works and he handles it brilliantly. I would absolutely work with him in the near future. I totally recommend Joe to friends and families and all the readers of this testimonials section. Great guy!

By: J & R

Joe we would like to thank you for all your time, patience, and dedication to make our first real estate investment a reality. We really appreciate your responsiveness, your in depth knowledge of the real estate market, great resources, and your high degree of professionalism. It's a pleasure and relief to have you assist us every step of the way and we look forward to continue to work with you in the future! Thank you again!

By: H.K

I know Joe Ghobrial for more than 5 years. I had lot of deals with him. I can just say HE IS THE BEST. Don't go with anyone else, your profit is right here.

By: Cassandra Galloway

Stumbling into Joe turned out to be such a blessing. I've dealt with others in the past who were fairly professional but Joe has a certain level of professionalism that exceeds the others. Being a realtor is clearly not a job for Joe, it's a passion. He knows the markets inside and out and he continuously invests in himself to develop his skill sets further. He listened well to what I was looking for in a home and on the first day of showings he showed me my dream home within my budget. When it came down to the negotiations I trusted him fully during the multiple offer scenario. The only reason I was able to land this home is because the broker of the seller was so impressed with Joe and how he conducted his business. I wouldn't have this home without him. I will never buy another home or sell my home without Joe by my side. He is the ace up your sleeve when you are trying to land the perfect home.

By: C.C-E.

I recently spent over a month, every single day, searching for a new condo to lease. Last week while on my on line search I bumped into Joe. He right away introduced himself and offered his help. I gave him a quick list of my requirements and within minutes he sent me listings that exactly matched my criteria. What I really loved was how efficient and quick Joe was with responses to listings, my inquiries and viewing appointments. In less than a week and 3 physical viewings, I now have my dream loft condo! Joe found me the most amazing place that has everything I asked for and more! I would never have been able to do that on my own. What I most appreciated was his attention and exemplary service even though I was only leasing. He treated me like I was the most important client he ever had. Thank you so much for your time and expertise. Joe, you are the best!

By: M.L. & Z.B.

My fiancé and I were interested in buying a pre-construction condo in 2011. Joe suggested a particular building to us in an area we wouldn't have otherwise considered. Joe showed us the data and made the case for this being the best place given our needs and wants. It's now 2015 and we've taken possession of our unit. After closing, Joe immediately got the unit leased for us before we even made our first mortgage payment. Several months later, Joe sent us a comparable property in the building which sold for $100,000 more than what we paid. We love our unit so much and were so happy to have made such a great investment that we purchased another unit in a different building which Joe also recommended. Joe' approach to investing in real estate is unlike anyone we talked to previously. We now own 2 units with plans to buy more. Without Joes guidance, we would've have done as well as we did. We would recommend him to anyone looking to invest in a condo and actually make money.

By: S.B. & I.B.

We met Joe just after purchasing a home with our previous agent. At that time, our 2 condos had been on the market for nearly 6 months without any offers. Once our contract expired, we hired Joe to sell them. He spent a week with his team fixing up and staging the units. 1 sold within 3 days for more than it was previously listed and the other sold in 19 days for what it was originally listed for the previous 6 months. We were amazed and only regret not meeting him sooner. Joe is an excellent real estate agent and a fine gentlemen. My wife and I would tell you that your crazy if you deal with anyone else.

By: K.L. & L.H.

We recently contacted Joe Ghobrial to help us sell our home and purchase a new one. Joe sold our home within days for more than we had expected. He then managed to find us the perfect new home, negotiated on our behalf during a bidding war and won, securing a closing that matched with our sale. My wife and I were so nervous during the process but Joe kept his cool and managed the entire transaction from the day we signed with him right up until we moved in. I have no doubt that his expertise was crucial during this transition and would gladly recommend Joe to handle you real estate needs.

By: K.C.

I have known Joe for over 5 years now and recently asked him to find me a new home in Toronto. He was very professional and worked diligently to find me something within a few weeks. He always had my best interest at heart and guided me through the whole process to ensure all my wishes were met. I will without hesitation use his services in the future and would absolutely recommend his services to anyone looking to buy or sell.

By: K.D. & N.D.

I would gladly recommend Joe Ghobrial to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. He worked tirelessly to get us our new home at an amazing price. Joe gave us excellent advise and helped guide us as first time buyers, His experience in the business and professionalism made us feel confident and knowledgeable while making our largest investment.

By: S.S.

.....It took the experience of Joe Ghobrial to bring all these elements to the forefront. Joe spent hours with me looking over various listings, analysing the merits of each and the value that they would bring to me.....One cannot help but be worried when purchasing their first property but Joe was excellent at transforming this experience from one of dread and worry to one of hope, comfort and pure excitement.

By: fake

He is a great agent.

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!